Object-Oriented Programming

Next week, I will discuss this exercise in class. Lecture: Wednesday, 14.15, room 105. Lab: Wednesday, 16.15, room 110.


It turns out that all participants are absolute beginners. Therefore, I will give an introductory course in programming.



first (due 24.03.2010). second (due 31.03.2010), third (due 07.04.2010), fourth , (due 14.04.2010), fifth , (due 21.04.2010), sixth , (due 28.04.2010), seventh , (due 05.05.2010), eighth , (due 19.05.2010), ninth , (due 26.05.2010), tenth , (due 09.06.2010).


The exam will take place on wednesday, June 16th from 14.15 until 17.15 in room 105. This text explains what you need to know at the exam. In addition to that, you need to understand the programs that were shown in class, but not the ones involving search.