Maciej Piróg

Assistant Professor in the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Wrocław



Instytut Informatyki UWr
ul. Joliot-Curie 15
50-383 Wrocław
+48 71 375 7822

About me

I obtained an MSc in computer science from Wrocław under the supervision of Dariusz Biernacki. Then, I went to Oxford, where I obtained a PhD supervised by Jeremy Gibbons. I stayed there a bit longer as a postdoc research assistant and an occasional TA for the Software Engineering Programme. After that, I was a postdoc in Tom Schrijvers' group at KU Leuven. Finally, I moved back to Wrocław.

My research interests revolve around semantics and functional programming in general. I work on operational and denotational semantics, mainly categorical models of computational effects and data structures. I also enjoy computer-assisted mathematics and dependently typed programming.

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