Photo of Marcin Bieńkowski
Head of Combinatorial Optimization Group
at Institute of Computer Science, Wrocław University

Address & phone

Instytut Informatyki Uniwersytetu Wroclawskiego
ul. Joliot-Curie 15
50-383 Wrocław, Poland
phone: +48 71 375 7838
fax: +48 71 375 7801


email address

Research interests:

Online and approximation algorithms for network problems:
server problems, file and service migration;
packet scheduling, buffering and aggregation.

Current duties:

PC member of WAOA 2019
NCN grant number 2016/22/E/ST6/00499: Algorithmic online optimization for graph problems

Past duties:

NCN grant number 2013/09/B/ST6/01538: Online algorithms for fundamental network problems
MNiSW grant number N206 368839: Approximation algorithms under uncertainty
PC member of FCT 2015.
Local organizer of ALGO 2014.


Curriculum vitae (the current list of publications is here)